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Stay Puft Roasted Marshmallow-Scented Candle

Stay Puft Roasted Marshmallow-Scented Candle

There’s nothing cuddlier than a giant marshmallow mascot man, as long as you don’t make him angry! You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

We first met the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in the original Ghostbusters and, if you remember correctly, the big guy really, really doesn’t like fire. But you’ve got nothing to worry about in this Stay-Puft candle from Boonzy Arts. In fact, you can burn this little dude for approximately 50 hours without an enormous flaming marshmallow monster destroying your entire city!

Housed in a reusable glass jar with a lid, this 8 oz. candle is made from soy wax and, of course, given a delicious (kinda vanilla-ish) lightly roasted marshmallow scent. In other words, think “golden brown” roasted marshmallow more than “at least it didn’t catch on fire” roasted marshmallow…

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