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Bottle Opening Cufflinks

Bottle Opening Cufflinks

Pop off bottle caps in style with these cufflinks!

Ever notice that it’s usually the fancy beer (or soda) companies’ bottles that don’t have twist-off lids?

Maybe it’s more expensive to cap bottles with a twist-off. That would explain why the giant companies with big plants can afford to go that route while the smaller craft beverages have to do things the old-fashioned way.

In any case, the swankier the party you’re attending, the more likely it is that bottle openers will be required. That’s totally fine because if it’s fancy enough for cufflinks, then you can show up wearing a bottle opener just as good as any other!

Even if you get wasted and lose a cuff link (as one does), you’ll still be in bottle opening business because each cuff link can open bottles all on its own!

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