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Corn Cob Stripping Tool

Corn Cob Stripping Tool

Strip those corn kernels right off the cob with speed and efficiency using this handy device!

Corn on the cob is so plump and fresh but, holy hell, is eating it such a mess!

Especially if you opt for slathering melted butter all over it before-hand (who doesn’t?), it’s nearly impossible to get all the way through a whole cob of corn without greasing up your face like an unwashed teenager…

Then there’s the corn getting stuck all in your front teeth from ripping it away with your mouth…

Not on a lot of first date menus, corn on the cob.

But you can do away with all that nonsense using this tool!

Prepare the corn and then just run it through this stripping gadget. You can still add your little pat of butter on the pile of kernels while they’re warm and enjoy fresh corn off the cob like a well-mannered adult!

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