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Windproof Lighter Watch

Windproof Lighter Watch

Light up your smokes like a smooth spy with this wristwatch!

It’s a fully functional time piece and cigarette lighter all-in-one.

Well, okay, the three sub-dials don’t work and are just decorative. But, come on, everyone knows that super fancy watches are supposed to tell time in 3-4 different time zones around the world at once, so they had to fake it to make it a bit.

Besides, when you slide the face of the watch aside to reveal an electric lighter (like a small version of a car lighter), that’s gonna be the main focus on the watch…

We should probably add a “spy shit” category to drunkMall for things like this…

Spies always have the coolest toys but this is one of those toys that can be yours right now!

Don’t worry about batteries, either. This watch charges by USB, just like a phone!

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