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How to Play Star Wars Music on the Recorder

How to Play Star Wars Music on the Recorder

It’s some of the most famous music ever written in this or any other galaxy and you can learn to play it yourself!

…on a recorder!

You remember recorders. It’s that musical instrument that’s, like, not really a flute but kind of a flute and literally almost every kid in America has owned one at one point in their life because it’s such an easy thing to play. You might even have one in your house somewhere right now, if you go look around, which is good because this music book doesn’t actually come with a recorder (even though the cover kind of makes it look like it does).

The beginning of this book has an overview of how to read and play the notes, so pretty much anyone with any musical ability should be able to work up passable versions of the music from Star Wars – all it takes is time and practice!

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