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Monster House Slippers

Monster House Slippers

Everyone says their favorite season is fall.

That’s because everyone who talks about their favorite season is inherently social enough to be talking about their favorite season. If you get that question in front of everyone then you’ll find that winter is a much more popular season than you may expect.

It’s not Christmas. Christmas is obviously the worst thing about winter because of Christmas music.

It’s the weather. Not so much the snow, exactly, though that does look nice when you don’t have to go outside. It’s the cold. Everyone knows it’s too cold to go hang out with people and we all get to hang out inside and become the antisocial monsters we really are!

Men get to stop shaving their faces so much. Ladies can stop shaving their, well, everything. It’s awesome!

Get yourself some monster feet house shoes to stay warm and comfortable on your awesomely lonely winter nights!

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