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No Free Sex Sticker

No Free Sex Sticker

It’s time for another round of Guess What the Weird Sticker Is Supposed to Mean!

Seriously, where does this stuff come from and how does it make sense on any level?

Say no to “free sex.”

What does it mean? Why are the words “free sex” in quotation marks like they stand for something else? And rabbits. Why rabbits?

It seems like saying yes to free sex would be a really good idea, provided it’s being offered by a moderately attractive person with low risk of having any contagious illnesses. Especially because non-free sex is sometimes referred to as prostitution and that happens to be illegal in nearly all of America. (Shoutout to Nevada!)

But if you’re a totally random person and can’t get enough of goofy, weird things then this looks like the sticker for you, bud!

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