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Propellor Powered Phone Charger

Propellor Powered Phone Charger

Sneaking in one last float trip this year?

Bet you’d like to have an easy way to make sure the batteries on all of your mobile devices stay charged, huh?

Well, that’s exactly what this gadget does!

Simply drop this canister-looking thing with a propeller on it into the water (tethered, of course) and the energy created by the spinning of the blades in the moving water is converted to electricity for charging USB-connective devices.

And, really, you don’t have to beĀ on the river for it to work. Even if your campsite is near a moving body of water, you can just tether it to something on land and let the movement of the river take care of it for you.

Now the next thing we need for camping trips and such is 100% waterproof phones with shatterproof screens…

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