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Cinelinx Movie Trivia Game

Cinelinx Movie Trivia Game

Knowledge of movie trivia is almost a sort of social currency, at this point.

And we’re not just talking about trivia nights down at your local brew pub.

Most of us, when we’re watching a film for the first time, every time an actor is introduced prompts a round of “what else did I see that person in?” and a sense of satisfaction when we’re able to successfully place their previous roles in our mind.

It’s some sort of mental filing cabinet we have, for some reason.

But you can have a lot of fun with that otherwise useless information!

Cinelinx isn’t the usual kind of trivia card game, where the cards ask a question and there’s a correct answer and you either get it right or wrong until you play the game enough times to learn all the answers and then it stops being fun.

No, Cinelinx is different every time the game is played. The cards serve as more like a prompt for the players and the level of knowledge brought to the game by each player determines the difficulty to win.

Just trust us, it’s fun!

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