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Illumibowl Toilet Light

Party Toilet Night Light

Sick of those boring trips to the toilet in the middle of the night?

Of course you are!

Who isn’t?

It’s like you’re asleep, having an a-ma-zing time with Hugh Jackman letting you in on the secret that they really did install adamantium claws in his hands for the X-Men movies and he can get you hooked up with a set.

All of a sudden, what’s this? Huh?

Oh, I’m awake. There must be something interesting happening. There must be something more interesting happening than Wolverine offering to let me have some adamantium claws or else why would I be awake right now?

Oh, I have to piss. That’s all.

And then you drag yourself out of bed, all the way in to the bathroom, but you don’t turn any lights on because you don’t want to wake up too much since there’s a chance you’ll be able to slip back into the same dream, right?

Which is how you get woken up at 9am by your significant other yelling at you about all the pee on the bathroom floor…

It’s just not worth it, friends!

The Illumibowl is easy (and not gross) to install: merely hang the motion sensor unit on the rim of the bowl and tuck the LED wire over to the other side and fasten it there via suction cup. The only button you’ll need to press to control the light remains on the outside of the toilet!

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