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The Beer Belly Hidden Flask

The Beer Belly Hidden Flask

Believe it or not, science has created a Beer Belly that someone might actually want to have. Thanks, science!

The BeerBelly gives you the “freedom to beverage,” using a sort-of reverse backpack type of sling wth a bladder that can hold up to eighty ounces of your preferred liquid! drunkMall has posted many many hidden flasks in the past but none of them come anywhere close to holding this much beer (or wine or whatever) at one time.

This is a game changer, for sure.

Throw on a full BeerBelly and head anywhere that serves over-priced drinks with confidence – you’ll fit right in! With adjustable velcro straps, the unit is one-size-fits-all for adults up to 6′ 8″ in height and up to a 40″ waist. The discreet drinking tube features an on/off switch to prevent leakage when not in use.

Stay sneaky, drunkMall readers!

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