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Leather Notepad Macbook Case

Leather Notepad Macbook Case

Wait until your favorite barista hears about this…

It’s a case to disguise your MacBook as a classic leather notebook!

Called the BookBook, this case is made of real leather that’s been hand dyed and custom distressed for a 100% unique sunburst look on every single unit. It’s basically a hardback leatherbound book crossed with a zippered laptop sleeve. Of course, the zipper pulls are also made of real leather…

You didn’t spend all that time dressing like a 16th century blacksmith just to walk down to the coffee shop carrying that hunk of modern machinery with you, right? Keep that aesthetic going strong with this leather MacBook case!

[Think someone would have to be out of their mind to buy this? Yes, it must mean that the Blackout Friday Countdown is still rolling right along at drunkMall. Be sure to hit that tag for other products we think would make epic drunk online shopping purchases!]

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