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Notorious B.I.G. sweater

Notorious B.I.G. sweater

A lot of people have asked why we aren’t posting more ugly Christmas sweaters. We assume those people must have broken the rest of their Internet because every other website in the galaxy won’t shut the eff up with the ugly Christmas sweaters.

We like to be different at drunkMall. We spend a lot of time finding unique items in all the dark, dusty corners of cyberspace and show them to you for rarely any thanks and very little reward – and we love it – because that’s our gift!

Just like this Notorious B.I.G. sweater is a gift to the world. We went looking for this after our new favorite Twitter account reminded us how much we love Biggie’s albums.

We had to post it because some people thought our love of Tupac meant we were trying to rep one coast over the other. That shit was in the ‘90s, dawg! That beef was put to rest decades ago – let it sleep.

Have you ever been inspired by an ugly Christmas sweater? Doubt it. This Biggie sweater is downright inspiring.

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