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Stacked Cups coffee mug

Stacked Cups coffee mug

Stack ’em high and fill ’em to the top, Joe!

You know you aren’t just going to have one cup of coffee, so why screw around? Save yourself two trips back to the coffeepot by using this super-tall 12oz mug that’s cleverly made to look like three mugs stacked on top of each other.

Okay, so this mug is technically supposed to look like three stacked tea cups but do you really think tea drinkers are out there trying to find clever ways to binge out on Earl Gray? Hmm, probably not!

Which isn’t to say that this is some sort of statement (yeah, it kind of is) on coffee drinkers being three times the caffeine addicts as tea drinkers (yeah, they kind of are) or any such puffed up humor as all of that.

Now the only thing we need to know is which one of the handles are we supposed to use?

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