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Fake Tampon Flasks

Fake Tampon Flasks

Tired of paying $27 for a drink at Musicfest Bandjam 3000?

You aren’t alone. Here’s the latest in sneaky flask technology: fake tampons!

Security checks at concerts and sporting events keep getting more and more thorough, which is fine. But people gotta drink! Most places have rules against bringing in outside booze, which has lead to some pretty incredible methods of discreetly BYOB-ing. (Check out drunkMall’s flasks tag to see what we’re talking about.)

These “fake tampons” are really just plastic shot tubes in a wrapping that makes them look a lot like tampons at a glance, which is all the attention most security guys will give them. Now, obviously, being a woman or looking a whole hell of a lot like one is going to go a long way towards the success of this ruse.

Have fun, good luck and party responsibly!

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