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Stranger Things Splatter Vinyl

Stranger Things Splatter Vinyl

We’re only a couple of months away from new episodes of Stranger Things!

That first season pretty much came out of nowhere, right? Just showed up on Netflix one day and they hadn’t even figured out how to market it yet. Most of you reading this probably scrolled past the original preview image a few times while looking for something new to watch.

But then word started getting around… Those brave pioneers who took the plunge before the hype started talking about how good the show was and they were right!

This second season won’t be like that. The hype train is already out of the station and it’ll be picking up serious steam by the time you read these words.

One of our favorite parts of Stranger Things is the soundtrack and the first volume of music from the show has been collected here in a beautiful package of splatter vinyl and amazing pieces of art from the show!

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