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Full Body Pillow

Full Body Pillow

Take comfort to a new level with a massive pillow!

Cuddling up to another person is nice. We’ll give you that.

But also, people are full of hard bones on the inside and most of us weigh enough to make your arm fall asleep if we lay on it. So, you know, it’s one of those things that kind of seems like it’s more awesome than it really is.

A giant pillow, though?

A giant pillow is like if cuddling with a person was really as nice as the idea of cuddling with a person!

This oversized tube of a pillow comes in two different sizes with the largest one being over ten and a half feet long. Curl it into a U shape and you can smother it with your entire body!

Spoon one half of the pillow and squeeze the other part in behind you and it’s almost like spooning one person while being spooned by another person – without all the awkwardness of having a threesome first!

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