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Cthulhu Leggings

Cthulhu Leggings

Up from the depths of R’lyeh come these wicked Cthulhu leggings!

Now, if you want to get technical about it, the manufacturer doesn’t call these “cthulhu leggings” but we’d recognize that great Old One anywhere. Look at that monster – that’s cthulhu!

Channel the evil, trans-dimensional energy of his power in your next yoga class to counteract all the posi-vibes radiating from the goody two shoes around you! Those people wouldn’t know horror if it crawled up from under their bed in the middle of the night and ripped their skeleton right from their body!

Look at that shade of green and those terrible yellow eyes – it’s a killer printing job on these pants and the fabric is an 88/12 poly-spandex blend, so you know the comfort level in these things is simply to die for!

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