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Metallic Terminator Mug

Metallic Terminator Mug

Drink your morning caffeine from the head of a T-800 series Terminator!

Fans of the Terminator movies know that one way to put a T-800 out of commission is with molten steel. But there’s no human on earth that could drink coffee that hot, so rest assured that this Terminator mug will be around for many mornings of quiet reflection on time travel paradoxes and parallel timeline universes and all that jazz.

Unlike most coffee and tea mugs, this one has a metallic finish (and some beady red eyes), so you will want to hand-wash this cup instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Probably don’t microwave it either, obviously.

Take pride in your machine. Keep it nice and shiny!

This is a 20oz. mug, by the way. Not a dainty little sipping cup.

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