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Sriracha Gumballs

Sriracha Gumballs

Holy hot gumballs, Batman!

Proving yet again that sriracha is closer to a literal religion than it is to an ordinary hot sauce, here we have gumballs packing the immediately recognizable flavor of everyone’s favorite red chile sauce.

The packaging is worth mentioning. These plastic wrap tubes of gumballs used to be super common and you almost never see them anymore. This is an all-new flavor combo in this classic delivery system!

Six gumballs per tube bring that signature combination of sweet and spicy goodness. And if you think that sounds weird, slow your roll. Some people like fruit flavor gum, some people like mint flavor gum and then there’s those wild ones who go for the hot cinnamon flavors.

If those hot cinnamon gums get the job done for you then you should give sriracha gum a chance!

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