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Los Pollos Hermanos magnet

Los Pollos Hermanos magnet

Fans of Breaking Bad will immediately recognize Los Pollos Hermanos as Gus’ fried chicken fast food franchise/money laundering business for his massive illegal drug operation.

Despite vicious hoaxes, we very well may never get more episodes of Breaking Bad. All we have left is officially licensed merchandise, like this inside-joke magnet. (Is everyone watching Better Call Saul, by the way? It’s an incredible show and Bob Odenkirk is a master. The second season is airing right now – DVR it!)

The listing calls this a car magnet but we can’t recommend putting it on a car.

For one thing, cops love Breaking Bad, too. Probably not a genius idea to broadcast yourself as a fan of the bad guys.

For another thing, literally anyone who wants to take a magnet off a car can walk up and do that. We treat our pieces of TV memorabilia better than that around here.

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