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Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Float around the pool on a floaty that looks like a giant ice cream sandwich!

This is the closest you’ll ever be able to get to living that super weird dream of floating around on a real ice cream sandwich! You could never do this with a real ice cream sandwich. Sorry. It would melt.

When inflated, the ice cream sandwich pool float is over six feet long, which is plenty of room for an average height adult to enjoy.

The ice cream sandwich pool float is safe for lactose intolerant people because a) it contains no milk and b) it’s non-edible so you shouldn’t try to eat any part of it whatsoever.

Remember to leave plenty of time in between eating real ice cream sandwiches and floating in a pool. Not because of old wives’ tales about getting a cramp but because you probably have chocolate on your face and it takes a while to notice things like that and if you get chocolate in the pool then that’s just gross.

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