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Toaster Bags

Toaster Bags

The American Dream means many different things to many different people.

For some, the American Dream is winning the grand prize on a scratch-off lottery ticket and never having to work again. Others want to take their genius idea, turn it into a multi-million dollar enterprise and move a thousand miles away from everyone they went to high school with.

The rest of us, man, we just want a decent sandwich. And if we can get it without leaving the house, that’s even better!

Toaster bags make it super simple to crisp up your favorite homemade sandwich recipe in an ordinary toaster. You get six reusable bags to an order and you can actually use them to cook many other types of food – chicken, fish, veggies, etc.

It’s a simple life hack but sometimes it’s the simple changes that have the most profound effect on our lives!

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