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Fire Skull

Fire Skull

ATTN: all aspiring supervillains!

This imitation human skull is made from lava rock granules and ceramic materials that have been steel reinforced to withstand extreme temperatures, such as those found in a beautiful gas fireplace or fire pit!

Place one of these skulls on top of the other rocks or logs in your fire area – OR you can just buy a whole bunch of these skulls and stack them in a pile!

Your lair may be considered adequate with its hidden entrances, laser beam security systems and wall-sized computer monitor. Adequate for a “villain,” that is.

Making the leap from villain to supervillain requires more than those bare essentials. It requires a distinguished vision for design, an eye for character. Things like skulls in the fireplace!

We’ll probably figure out a tag for stuff like this but for now you should check out Gifts for Your Inner Villain!

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