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Intense Sphynx Cat Mask

Intense Sphynx Cat Mask

Did Egyptians really worship cats?

We have no idea.

But if their cats looked half as intense as this cat mask, then it would be totally understandable. This thing is downright intimidating.

Imagine if you saw a 6 foot tall Sphynx cat walking around on two legs. That would be pretty freaky, right? That’s the effect they’re going for with this mask.

Using that hyper-realistic quality that’s been popping up lately in animal masks, you can literally see the wrinkles in the “skin” on top of this Sphynx cat’s head. And those blue eyes look like this cat just caught you trying to take kibble out of its food bowl or something…

Remember, you don’t have to wait around for Halloween to get yourself a costume. Dressing up as outrageous things is way more fun when you’re the only one doing it!

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