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Absinthe Flavor Lollipops

Absinthe Flavor Lollipops

Absinthe tastes like goth girls.

If you like that, you’re gonna fucking love these lollipops.

All that herbal flavor of the notorious green fairy condensed into a little round sucker!

It’s non-alcoholic, too. So feel free to enjoy this treat while on the job or driving the bus for a New Orleans graveyard tour or hanging out in a straight-edge vampire bar and smoking clove cigarettes with all the jaded souls. You know, whatever you do with your time.

These lollipops are made by Lollyphile, who specialize in crafting, uh, adventurous flavors for their suckers. So even if absinthe isn’t your thing then you’ll probably still want to go check out their site because they definitely have a lot of interesting flavors, like bourbon… and breast milk…

They also know how to rock a photoshoot, right?

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