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Rainbow Pencils

Rainbow Pencils

There’s nothing quite like using a real pencil.

Whether you’re writing or drawing, the process is the same: a thought that exists in your mind is moved through your body and into your hand, where pressing pencil to paper allows you to actually feel the transfer of what was once invisible into existence on the physical plane…

Maybe you’ve never thought about it like that before but that’s probably because you think of pencils as those yellow sticks of wood the weird kid in your class was always chewing on. Hardly begs comparison to a magic wand, does it?

The rainbow pencils designed by Duncan Shotton, on the other hand – they’re fantastic!

Made from recycled paper instead of wood, each pencil retains the same size and weight of a standard pencil. Though the clean white of the outsides may first seem boring, sharpening the pencil reveals a colorful rainbow pattern on the inside!

You can even keep the rainbow pencil shavings for future art projects!

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