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Remember the Dinos Patch

Remember the Dinos Patch

Remember the dinosaurs?

Of course you don’t!

99% of those poor bastards went extinct like a bajillion years ago. It’s a bummer, too, because Jurassic Park would be such a lit vacation to take. But, no. Some stupid ass comet had to come along and wreck the party.

So in honor of the fallen lizard dynasty that ruled this planet before we figured out written language and shit, here’s a patch you can put on a jacket or a backpack or something.

That looks like a T. Rex to us. Then again, every dinosaur looks like a T. Rex to us. Some nerd will probably tell us it’s a different dinosaur in the comments. Anyway, that T. Rex up there is just minding it’s own damn business when all the stupid sudden a comet comes tearing ass in through the stratosphere behind it.

You know the rest of the story. Now your duty is to never forget it!

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