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“The Brown Bag” 40 oz. Koozie

“The Brown Bag” 40 oz. Koozie

Oh, shit, finally!

Koozies always seemed kind of dumb to us because, like, drink your damn beer instead of holding on to it and the thing won’t get warm because there’s, what, five actual mouthfuls in a bottle? Sheesh!

But 40′s can and do get warm before a normal person can drink the whole thing. And we’ll tell you something else, too. If you’re gonna play Edward Fortyhands in the Winter- Not that we’re saying you should. But if you’re going to do that, those bottles get real cold and it might be nice to have a good buffer.

Not only did Transient make 40oz. koozies but they knew enough about 40 culture to make one that looks like a brown bag. Classic!

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