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A Catapult


A Catapult

Take that inter-office war back to The Middle Ages with a little catapult action!

Operating with the same mechanisms that helped angry hordes storm the castle walls for centuries, this miniature catapult is under a foot tall and weighs less than a pound but can launch projectiles between 5-15+ feet! Your archenemy on the next desk will not appreciate it, to say the least.

The base of the unit fastens by suction cups but you can also weigh it down with the stacks of paperwork you aren’t getting done. Each order comes with six of those spiky-looking balls shown in the above photo and you can start launching other stuff when your opponent refuses to return those to you. Just remember, fire is dangerous and, even though it looks awesome on Game of Thrones, we do not recommend using your mini-catapult to sail flaming projectiles through the air.

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