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Tuxedo Hoodie

Tuxedo Hoodie

The tuxedo tee shirt is classic, a total standby.

You don’t have to be a slave to the look, though. No need to suffer the harsh elements because you feel like rocking your retro flavor all over town…

They got a hoodie version of that tuxedo joint, baby!

It’s everything you love about the tuxedo tee but the tuxedo hoodie is – dun, dun, dun – a hoodie!

You get thicker sweatshirt material!

Those are long-sleeves!

And you know that thing has a hood!

Black tie affair?

More like black tie don’t care!

This is millennial modern slacker chic, right here. But if you want to get even a little more crazy with it then you can get the tuxedo hoodie in like six other colors. We just like the black because it’s a bit ritzier.

[Of course, if this isn’t your style then you may want to see drunkMall’s Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater gift guide for some more options that are out there!]

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