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WWF Wrestling Board Game

WWF Wrestling Board Game

Oh, you better believe it, brother!

It’s the most head smashing, bone crushing, no-holds-barred board game ever created, WWF Wrestling Challenge!

All you little whippersnappers better listen close…

Before UFC…

Before WWE…

Before WCW…

There was WWF!

It was professional wrestling and it was old school rules, boys and girls!

So if all those other candyass board games are too weak for you then this is the hard hitting game night action you’ve been needing!

Play as your favorite professional wrestlers from days gone by – Ultimate Warrior, Jake The Snake, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man plus many others – and go head to head with people you may not be able to pile drive in real life (for legal reasons or otherwise).

Get in the ring and roll the dice to find out how the match ends!

Draw Power Cards!

Win the belt!

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