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Two-Finger Salute Phone Case

Two-Finger Salute Phone Case

“Ayyy, lemme get them digits!”

‘All right… Here’s one digit. And here’s the other!’

Y’all are welcome to use that but please tweet the story to us if you do: @drunkMall

Human strangers are the worst kind of stranger. At least dog strangers don’t act like they’re up to some other game before trying to shove their face directly at your genitals. Cat strangers will most likely simply ignore you. But human strangers, ugh…

This phone case is today’s Singles Awareness Day Countdown item because we believe in phone cases that serve a function above and beyond protection of a mobile device. All you need is a touch of Resting Bitch Face (or Resting Dick Face) to go along with it and you may not even have to talk to the next rando that tries to chat you up.

Just point!

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