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Melting Clock

Melting Clock

No, you didn’t get dosed with LSD earlier tonight. This just happens to be a super psychedelic, tripped out clock!

Fans of surrealism and Salvador Dalí, heads up. Those melting clocks have made it out of the paintings and into this reality! (It’s like an ’80s movie, except that nobody would watch it because it would be about clocks.)

The clock isn’t exactly draped over fallen tree limbs or anything but it still “says” all the same things about the flexible nature of experiencing time. And there’s no denying that the appearance of this clock seems to defy visual logic. It’s nearly disorienting to look at it.

It’s a pretty good sized clock, standing over 14 inches tall, so it needs to be placed somewhere that gives it room to do its thing. It may take some time to get used to reading it but it does tell the accurate time of day.

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