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Moonshine Jelly

Moonshine Jelly


It tastes so damn good, sometimes you just wanna have some for breakfast. You know, get your day started off right with a big mouthful of white lightning?

That’s the good stuff!

Unfortunately, behavior such as that can result in such things as losing your job… and relationships with decent people…

You don’t want to go out like that.

Fortunately, someone invented an apple pie moonshine jelly you can spread on toast or good homemade biscuits! It’s got no alcohol in it, so you get that good moonshine flavor without that bad drunk driving arrest on the way to work.

Now we just need tequila doughnuts, maple syrup with rum in it, caffeinated hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps in it… Come on, you people can make this stuff real – you know you can!

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