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Fuck a Job Socks

Fuck a Job Socks

Embrace non-employment by wearing a pair of socks with a curse word on them!

Maybe you’re retired or “self-employed” or an Internet celebrity. You could even have won the life lottery and been born to mega-rich parents, forgoing the need to ever support yourself with gainful employment! (#RichKidsOfInstagram)

These socks are appropriate for anyone in any of those situations! Shit, maybe you’re just going on vacation and have no plans to spend more time thinking about your job than it takes to say “fuck that place!”

The FUCK A JOB socks are crew style stretch fit in black with white block letter font and a white line around the toe. The soles of the socks say 40s & Shorties because that’s the brand, the brand is dope and you should check out more of there stuff through the link!

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