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Bird Shit Bowl Set

Bird Shit Bowl Set

You’ve gotta think someone lost their job over this, huh?

Of course, nowadays it’s virtually impossible to know whether these “accidental” design quirks are truly accidental or a covert attempt to chase after a viral response when it hits the market.

If this one was intentional, hey, we’ll play ball because this bowl and spoon set looks exactly like a bird taking a squirty shit right into your food!

Yeah, the outer design of the bowl looks like a clean nest of little twigs. Sure, that’s a cute and chunky bird on the handle of the spoon. Really, you could give this to a kid who likes bird stuff and they’d probably just think it was a cool present for them.

But any adult who looks at this is only going to see one thing. What else could that stream of white coming from under that bird’s tail be?!?!

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