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Obamanopoly board game

Obamanopoly board game

You thought your uncle got pissed off when you beat him in regular monopoly? Wait until you kick his ass because you come out of a government bailout with an extra $100k in your pocket!

In this twist on the classic family board game, the forces of Monopoly are traded for Change and Hope, as ridiculed from a more conservative perspective. This is all actually pretty damn hilarious when you consider what a game of Trumpopoly would be like.

So gather up your friends and family, roll the dice and make an evening out of mocking people who naively think they can make a real difference in America.

Thanks, Obama!

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  1. Want to give a copy or two away on drunkMall while Obama is still in office? Our giveaway products get a sticky post at the top of the site for a whole week. Send an email to [email protected] if you’d like to set it up.

  2. I’m no longer involved with it. We gave the rights to our friend and importer. He still sells them on Amazon.
    The game did well at the beginning of Obama’s term because it was fun to joke about him. Now it’s just tragic and makes people upset.

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