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Sex Keychains

Sex Keychains

Cross that weird uncle off your Christmas shopping list because we’ve got his present sorted right here!

According to legend and movies with an obscene number of prosthetic mustaches, there was a time in America when every straight single dude over the age of 30 had a keychain like this or a watch that said TIME TO FUCK or some other such bauble guaranteed to get you a sit down with H.R. in today’s world.

But sex is fun, funny and awesome. So fuck it. If you want to rock a pervy keychain then drunkMall isn’t going to stand in the way of that. Here’s an entire range of options to suit your fancy!

Each of these keychains is enhanced with a special action motion, meaning you can bring these various sex positions to life with thrusting, pumping and bouncing when the situation calls for it!

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