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Tandem Beer Bong

Tandem Beer Bong

Never again face the trials and tribulations of a beer bong all by your lonesome!

All it takes is a Y-splitter to transform the traditional (and solitary) beer funnel design into a supercharged tandem beer bong with twin hoses, ready for simultaneous or tag-team chugging!

Each hose comes with its own shut-off valve, which gives you more control over when the flow of beer begins and when it ends. (But, honestly, if you have to use the shut-off valve because you can’t get chug one beer then you should almost definitely reconsider your decision to use and/or own a beer bong. You may not be about this life.)

Think of all the great Snapchat stories that can come out of this thing. You could even come up with complicated high five routines to do while downing beers together!

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