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Wide Angle Phone Cam Lens

Wide Angle Phone Cam Lens

It’s a wide, wild world out there and if you want to capture more of it in your photos then you’re gonna need the right lens!

Yeah, yeah – you’re not out here trying to drop major coin on a pro camera rig with thirty lenses that have to be lugged around in a diaper bag or whatever. You just want to snap some quick pics with your phone like everyone else to prove you left the house today. We get it.

But a thing worth doing is worth doing better than at least half the other people who are all doing the same thing. So kick a little money towards this simple clip-on lens and watch the quality and scope of your phone’s images instantly improve!

The HD lens brings lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts down to bring more clarity into your photos while wide-angle lens allows you to capture more scenery in “big picture” images.

BONUS: each order comes with a macro lens for super close up photos of smaller items!

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