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Mohawk Beanie with Skull and Crossbones


Mohawk Beanie with Skull and Crossbones

Ironically enough, looking cool when it’s literally freezing cold outside is pretty difficult, especially when you can’t feel your ears. The frozen ears are the worst part, right?

What’s the point in spending all that money on clothes at Hot Topic if we’re just gonna be jumping up and down, covering our ears with our hands, trying to stay warm like all the other squares waiting in line to see whatever band Alternative Press or Revolver said was the shit this month?

Killing two birds with one stone is a surefire way to get a product on drunkMall and this beanie shows off our punk attitude while keeping our whole head warm, so we’re into it. The biggest problem with beanies is they cover up the hairstyle, which is like 90% of our individuality gone right there, so it’s awesome that this beanie has a mohawk built-in for anyone who missed the message with the skull and crossbones design.

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