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Pulp Fiction-Inspired Garden Gnome

Pulp Fiction-Inspired Garden Gnome

The garden just got real, motherfuckers!

Here we have the “Say What Again” Garden Gnome, which is heavily influenced by the character of Jules from Pulp Fiction. Note that we’re not saying this gnome is supposed to actually be Jules.


This is more like if someone had a garden gnome and they let the garden gnome watch Pulp Fiction and the movie changed the gnome’s entire life. So, basically what happens to everyone after they see Pulp Fiction for the first time, except this is a garden gnome.

If you’re looking for a unique gnome but you don’t want one with a fun or something, please allow us to direct your attention to the zombie garden gnome and the Blues Brothers garden gnomes. They’re both fan favorites!

The “Say What Again!” gnome is almost 11 inches high and about 6.5″ deep and wide. Please take measure to ensure your gnome can’t be stolen from your yard or consider making him an inside gnome. People will want their own. Tell them drunkMall has it all.

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