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Hot Dog Phone Case

Hot Dog Phone Case

Hot diggity dog!

Here’s hoping you’ve been getting your recommended servings of hot dogs in this summer. You can’t really even call it a summer without hot dogs. Doesn’t matter how you dress that thing up but we can all agree “one-handed outdoor foods” are a tradition worth keeping around!

In fact, you can keep one around all the time thanks to this phone case that looks just like a dressed hot dog in a bun!

Now you can always have a hot dog to remind you to eat more hot dogs!

No more realizing you took the wrong way to stop by the hot dog cart two blocks after it’s too late to go back. Every time you grab your phone will be like a trigger for delicious tubed food products.

Just make sure not to set it down next to the real thing or you could end up taking a bite out of your phone!

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