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Pancake Bot

Pancake Bot

This is what the future looks like.

Choose any art form you want, no matter how high or low – music, sculpture, graffiti, painting, filling a squeeze bottle with pancake batter and creating amazing designs on a hot cooking surface…

Here’s an example of exactly how and why we won’t need people to do any of those things in the very near future!

Yeah, the PancakeBot can cook up delicious pancakes in designs you insert on a standard SD card.

“That’s not exactly a replacement for creativity.”

Oh, please. Hook this thing up to the Internet and let Google’s DeepMind get behind the wheel and in 10 years every single hardworking pancake artist you’ve ever heard of will be homeless!

Well, there’s really only one thing to do. Start finding your favorite drawings of dicks to turn into pancakes, people!

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