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Biggie Blacklight Poster

Biggie Blacklight Poster

Blacklights and posters specifically made to look cool under blacklights are just not a thing like they used to be a thing.

Please believe that this used to be a T-H-I-N-G!

Like, if you could go back to the early ’90s and scrape together enough money to open up a Spencer’s Gifts at your local mall, that would be a fuckingĀ sound business decision. Kids were buying blacklights and strobe lights and laser lights and every other kind of light legal to sell to teenagers. Then there was a whole other tier of products made to look cool when viewed by those lights, like spinning pinwheel-type gadgets, stick on plastic galaxies and blacklight posters such as this epic memorial Notorious B.I.G. poster right here.

Fire up Limewire and start calling up your old buddies!

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