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Apple -> Fart Scented Prank Candle

Apple -> Fart Scented Prank Candle

Fall is just around the corner and we all know what that means.

The leaves will change, fire pits across America will start to see more use and pumpkin spice everything will start flying off the shelves. That’s right, fall is basically the best season if you love all those simple pleasures in life, like stuffing your yoga pants-covered legs into a pair of Uggs and heading down to Starbucks for some frappelattechino thing with extra whipped cream on top…

Yeah, we love all that shit, too.

Because the massive popularity of things like that makes it way too easy to fuck with people who will never suspect that the brand new candle they received as a gift is actually a ticking time bomb of putridity.

There’s no clue that anything is out of the ordinary with this candle. It looks like any other jar candle – the white label to match the white wax, the generic “brand” name, the nice apple odor – but what they don’t know is that beneath about 3 hours of that apple scented wax is a whole world of olfactory punishment.

It’s truly difficult to describe the scent of what lies beneath the top layer. But, like, “farts mixed with farts mixed with more farts” gives you some kind of idea…

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