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Wireless Sweat-Proof Earbuds

Wireless Sweat-Proof Earbuds

The earbuds that come in the package with smartphones are garbage.

They don’t sound good. They aren’t comfortable. They fall out of your ears.

Throw those in the trash because there’s a whole world of better options out there.

For example, this is a pair of sweatproof earbuds that sound good, won’t fall out of your ear, are comfortable to wear and you don’t even have to deal with the cord swinging all over the place because they’re “wireless.”

Now, clearly, you can see that there’s a wire running out of the earbud in the photo but that’s a short cord that connects only to the earbud on the other side. That cable will stay up near the back of your neck and the earbuds use bluetooth to connect to the device sending the music (or podcast) to your ears.

How’s that for an affordable upgrade?

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