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Floating Flamingo Cup Holder

Floating Flamingo Cup Holder

Whether you’re chilling in the solar-powered kiddie pool jacuzzi out front of the double wide or snuck into a local motel’s outdoor swimming pool, having a floating pink flamingo cup holder is pretty obviously the classy move.

Hold your own beverage in your own hand?

That’s for peasants!

Some of you are skeptical about this product, no doubt. Rest assured that this is no mere novelty item. The design of the inflatable cupholder is such that, when fully inflated, the underside of the flamingo body protrudes to create a lower center of gravity and help stabilize the entire setup.

You won’t want to bust out a sweet cannonball or jackknife dive next to it, obviously. But for keeping a drink around in calm waters, the floating pink flamingo cup holder gets the job done just fine.

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