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Creepy and Kawaii Baseball Tee

Creepy and Kawaii Baseball Tee

Kawaii means “cute.”

That’s all it means, okay?

There’s no reason to argue over what is and isn’t kawaii (looking at you, Tumblr) because it literally just means “cute” and cuteness is a totally subjective quality. What you find┬ácute, others may find hideous and vice versa.

So when this shirt says “CREEPY & KAWAII” and has a little pink bat hanging upside down and a pair of bulging, shiny eyes with upside down pentagrams inside of them, that shit is allowed, alright?

Because bats and witch stuff may be scary to some people but that shit is just super cute to other people, got it?

Also, this shirt is a baseball jersey style tee, which is also not typically thought of as a kawaii-type article of clothing but just trust us, it gets a lot cuter when this and a pair of panties is all your girlfriend is wearing around the house.

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